Yes I Need Them All - roolipelinoppa rasia n.35x25x4cm

North To South Designs

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Todella näyttävä lasikantinen puurasia roolipelinoppa kokoelmallesi. Tähän mahtuu 24 noppasettiä. 35x25x4cm on suunnilleen rasian ulkomitat (käännetty tuumista, joten vähän heittoa voi olla...)

Kokoelma pitää löytyä omasta takaa, nopat ei kuulu mukaan diiliin.

Want to show off you dice in style and cheek? Check out our brand new, glass covered display cases! Each case can hold up to 24 sets of dice. Each glass top is forged with love and dragon fire (aka etched with LASERS) in our home studio in small town Texas.

We recently attended our first comicon and these cases were a hit! Check out the product photos to see how well these showed off our dice. We fully recommend filling up a case for your shop just to display to dice you sell (we will be selling our dice soon too!). We did that and ended up selling a full case, dice and all!

Each case measures n.35x25x4cm

The inside is covered in velvet lining and the box has silver latches.

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