Yoga Tarot (Preloved)(OOP)(RARITIES)

Lo Scarabeo

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Nyt tarjolla harvinaisempaa herkkua. Upeasti kuvitettu Lo Scarabeon klassikko pakka Yoga yhdistää hienosti tarotin ja joogan. Pakka on OOP ja hankalahko löytää. Nyt tarjolla erittäin hyväkuntoinen pakka korttien puolesta, kotelossa hieman käytön jälkiä, mutta sekin ehjä.

Tästä pakasta mm. Amazonissa varsin hurjia hintapyyntöjä, jopa yli 700 dollaria.

OOP = Out Of Print, eli painoksia ei ole enää saatavilla ja uudesta ei tietoa

PRELOVED = etsii uutta hyvää kotia

Discover Balance & Knowledge with this East/West Union

You know that the Tarot can lead you to amazing personal discoveries and knowledge. Now, imagine that combined with the peaceful wisdom that comes from ancient India. That's what you'll find in the remarkable Yoga Tarot.

This deck basically follows the Tarot tradition, so anyone can do readings with it. But then the deck virtually explodes with mystical Eastern concepts, creating a new path that challenges you to extend your spirituality. Pentacles become the figures known as mandalas and Cups are Lotus Flowers. Swords are Trishulas (tridents) and Wands are associated with the symbol known as a Vajra. Each suit is associated with a system of yoga. The accompanying booklet gives traditional and Eastern meanings for each of the Major Arcana cards, too.

This deck is not a course in Yoga or Eastern spirituality, but it will point in directions for further study. Just as the Tarot can be a guide to the worlds of spirit and the unconscious mind, this deck can also be a guide to the amazing world of Yoga and mysticism.

The Yoga Tarot is much more than most Tarot decks. You can use it for all the typical Tarot purposes, from doing readings to meditation. You can also use it as a key to triggering mystical experiences and gaining direction in understanding the ancient spirituality of India.

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