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Celtic Spirituality: The Ultimate Guide to Druidry, Irish Paganism, Shamanism, the Morrigan, and Brigid - Mari Silva

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  • Four manuscripts in one book:

    • Celtic Magic: Unlocking Druidry, Earth Magick, Irish Shamanism, Tree Magic, and Scottish Paganism
    • Irish Paganism: Unlocking Pagan Practices and Druidry in Ireland along with Welsh Witchcraft and Celtic Spirituality
    • The Morrigan: Secret Celtic Practices, Devotional Rituals, Divination, and Magick Spells
    • Brigid: Unlocking the Magick of the Celtic Goddess of Divination, Wisdom, and Healing

    Nature can be a very powerful ally in magic. Since ancient times, Celts have known how to unlock the secrets of this world and the realm beyond it. With the help of their magic, you can learn to do the same.

    Irish Paganism focuses on the history and legacy of the Pagan belief system. It discusses how this system was practiced in Ireland and Wales and outlines the Druids’ role in the faith. It also informs the reader about the key deities, tales, and myths in understanding the role of Paganism in Celtic and Welsh history.

    The Morrigan will show you how to do just this and many more tips and tricks useful for living life with strength and power.

    Brigid can help anyone, even in today’s day and age. You only need to summon her with prayers and offerings, and she will come to your aid. Whether you want to honor her daily or only on special occasions, will be entirely up to you.

    In this book, you will:

    • Familiarize yourself with ancient and modern Celtic traditions
    • Understand the fundamental ideas of Irish Shamanism and Scottish Paganism
    • Uncover the secrets of Druidry and learn how its role has changed over the years
    • Learn what Irish Paganism is
    • Discover who the Druids are
    • Explore different pagan feasts and festivals
    • Master simple pagan spells and rituals
    • Understand the many guises of the Morrigan in ancient Celtic myths
    • Familiarize yourself with all the animals and symbols representing this mighty goddess
    • Understand how the tales of Brigid shaped the Celtic culture
    • Learn all about her multiple faces, which will help you see her as St. Brigid, Brigid the triple goddess, and the loa Maman Brigitte
    • Master your practice with her sacred symbols, including Brigid’s Cross
    • Master using her power in your healing spells, rituals, or divinations
    • And much more!


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