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Mangopuinen säilytysrasia eteerisille öljyille kukkakoriste 12kpl pullolle

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Aromatherapy Floral Carved Box (holds 12 bottles) is made from Mango wood and it is embellished with hand carved designs.

This pretty box will look beautiful in the bedroom or dressing room... or any room really.Designed to hold 10 ml bottles, so our Essential Oils, Essential Oils Blends or Fragrance Oils will fit perfectly.

Sell these boxes separately or maybe make up your own essential oils kits and gift sets.

Please Note that due to the hand-crafted nature of these boxes designs do vary.

These boxes will hold a combination of 10 ml bottles to a maximum height of 65 mm and an approximate diameter of 25 mm.

Size: 11.5x14.5x8 (cm)

Parts: Mango Wood


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