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Song of the Grandmothers Oracle (1st.edition)- Kara Simons, Mari in the Sky (Indie, Import)

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May 24, 2024 40,00 EUR

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in summer 2022, production is complete! Limited stock remains for immediate fulfillment from overseas, and remaining orders will be fulfilled in December once inventory arrives in the U.S.

Created by Kara Simons and illustrated by Mari in the Sky, this oracle deck features fortifying messages from 66 botanical, elemental, and animal Grandmothers.

  • Plants, trees, creatures, and elements anchor frequencies we can attune to-- from joy, peace, and innovation, to surrender, change, and perseverance. These sentient beings model presence. They teach us to nourish life without judging the past or fearing the future.

  • Their insights help us navigate developmental cycles with greater harmony, knowing we are forever supported and connected to LOVE at the deepest level.

  • No matter what’s happening in our lives, nature’s Grandmothers are always inviting us into the music. They help us listen and remember.


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