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Tarot of the Divine Handbook – Yoshi Yoshitani

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Opaskirja huippusuosittuun Tarot of the Divine pakkaan. (saatavana erikseen)

A guided journey through the archetypes and symbolism of tarot, as interpreted by the artist behind Tarot of the Divine, the tarot deck rooted in multicultural deities, folklore, and fairytales.

Reading tarot cards is both an art and a mindfulness practice. In this guided journal, artist Yoshi Yoshitani guides spiritually curious readers through the universal symbolism in each of the 78 cards in a tarot deck, offering space to reflect on your own understanding of the cards, as well as activities to strengthen your tarot-reading skills.

Yoshitani describes the art and archetypes of the Major and Minor Arcana in
Tarot of the Divine, outlining the cards’ key interpretations and visual symbols. Throughout, the vivid art and fascinating background prompt you to explore the Fool’s Journey, interact with the cards in new ways, and apply your learnings to any of your favorite decks. Yoshitani's reflection questions provide a thoughtful avenue to approach your tarot readings, encouraging you to record your findings along the way.

Study the archetypes, connect with your favorite cards, and strengthen your intuition using Yoshitani’s
Tarot of the Divine as an anchor for learning.

Yoshi Yoshitani's art style is fresh and unique, featuring diverse and multicultural characters. Each story will be featured opposite a correlating illustration, both lush and vibrant.

Yoshi Yoshitani

Yoshi Yoshitani is a mixed race artist who was born in California and raised in numerous locations. Inspired by numerous cultures, Yoshi uses art and stories to encourage readers to keep asking questions and keep learning about each other. Yoshi has worked with DC, Disney, Dreamworks, Netflix, Image Comics, and many others.


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