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Haukka patsas, puuta

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Ruotsalaista käsityötä olevat todella aidon oloiset puiset patsaat ovat kruunu kirjahyllyyn, piirongin kulmalle tai alttarille.

  • Weight:0,348 kg
  • Size:L: 205 x W: 78 x H: 209 mm
  • Materials:Hand carved wood, environmentally friendly paint

The merlin is Europe's smallest falcon and a very skilled flyer. This bird of prey sweeps low over the fields as it hunts. Wildlife Garden's merlin is carved by hand in wood and brush-painted. The bird is placed on top of a pole, also wooden, from where it scouts with its sharp eyes. This lifelike wooden bird of prey is a a unique and beautiful ornamental item for bird lovers. An excellent gift - maybe for the man who has everything? Or for anyone who is fascinated by nature's creatures!

Merlin in other languages:

Scientific name: Falco columbarius
Dutch: Smelleken
French: Faucon émerillon
German: Merlin
Italian: Smeriglio
Spanish: Esmerejón
Swedish: Stenfalk

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