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Nine Arches: Legacy Game - täysin uudenlainen tapa pelata (Kickstarter)

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Nine Arches on peli joka kumpuaa ideaansa ikiaikaisista tarottien viisauksista. Kun New York Timesin palkittu kirjoittaja ja Fortniten pelisuunnittelija lyövät hynttyyt yhteen ja lähtevät luomaan täysin uutta kokeellista peliä. Nine Arches on syntynyt!

Tarjolla huippuvarusteltu Kickstarter 1st edition backer varustein, joita ei tule jatkossa paketeista löytymään.

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Inside you first edition, find all the tools you need to embark on the quest of a lifetime.


  • Our deck of adventure cards —endless, unforgettable memories guaranteed
  • A handsome collector's tin to keep them safe and warm
  • An elegant hardcover guide to your deck and rife with wisdom
  • A set of Destiny Dice to keep you on track
  • A journal to document your quest

(No dinky cables, annoying passwords, wifi connections or batteries required.)

After two years of obsession, experimentation and fine tuning, your first edition Nine Arches deck is a work of art, the embodiment of luxury and a deck unlike any other.

  • All 54 adventure cards drawn painstakingly by hand and with love.
  • Luxurious linen card stock, Tarot size (70mm x 120mm) and rugged at 350 gsm.
  • Ultra-glide finish for smooth, buttery shuffles and spreads.
  • Gold foil piping and backs — so much gold foil you will beep at airport security.

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