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Potions, Elixirs & Brews: A modern witches' grimoire of drinkable spells - Anais Alexandre

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An enchanting collection of magical wicca-inspired cocktails, punches, and teas including delicious recipes, practical spells, and clever witchy quizzes to help you hone your craft

Taste real magic

Drawing on her eclectic craft harnessing influences from Wiccan and rootwork practices, Anaïs Alexandre shares a collection of delicious potions for the modern witch in an accessible and humorous style. From potent cocktails, to restorative elixirs and captivating brews, this book of drinkable spells offers the powers of time-honored wisdom in a truly delectable form.

Each potion is accompanied by a simple ritual to supercharge its effectiveness, as well as a useful system that explains the difficulty level of each recipe, whether it contains alcohol, the ideal season to make it, and magical facts and history. The enchanting chapters include:

• Witchcraft Basics
• Love Potions
• Financial Success Potions
• Healing Potions
• Protection Potions
• Happy Home Potions

Sip on a subtle love potion, draw monetary fortune your way with a lucky prosperi-tea, or spread friendship vibes with a warming party punch. As the wheel of the year turns, discover your own craft through the magic of mixology, whether as a solitary witch or with your coven.

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