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Seasonal Self-Care Rituals: Eat, Breathe, Move, and Sleep - Susan Weis-Bohlen

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Seasonal Self-Care Rituals: Eat, Breathe, Move, and Sleep Better—According to Your Dosha. Utilize Ayurvedic wisdom to feel better all year by paying particular attention to the season you're in. According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, "All diseases begin at the junctions of the seasons," and Seasonal Self-Care Rituals build upon this idea to help readers stay in sync. With more than a decade of experience, Chopra-certified teacher Suan Weis-Bohlen provides an introduction to Ayurvedic practices like meditation, break work, mantras, yoga, and more; a dosha quiz; a practical guide to the seasons and how they relate to each dosha; personalized guidance; and food as medicine recipes. These healing rituals will support everything from ideal body weight to mental clarity and emotional wellness.

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