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Tarot and Love - Enos Long

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The Tarot was initially used only as a game; the 78 cards that make it up, whose first copies appeared in northern Italy in the fifteenth century, offered players a range of images taken from the iconography of the time; although the drawings of the cards varied over time, the cards were standardized between the 17th and 18th centuries in the deck we know today as the Tarot of Marseilles.
Today many people use the Tarot, not only for divinatory purposes, but also as a tool for the expression of the unconscious and an aid for meditation and decision making. Here are some ways in which we can use the Tarot to help our love life:
Tarot cards can help us reflect on ourselves and our past relationships. Tarot readings not only give us clues about what may happen in the future, but also shed light on our own attitudes, beliefs, and behavior patterns in love. This will allow us to understand ourselves better and know where we can improve, which can help us build healthier relationships in the future.
If we find ourselves at a crossroads in our love life and are not sure which way to go, the Tarot can provide us with additional information to make an informed decision.
Sometimes when we are too emotionally invested in a situation, we find it difficult to see it clearly. The Tarot can give us an external and objective perspective by offering unbiased information and advice. The cards can help us see things from different points of view and shed light on aspects that we may not have considered.
The meanings associated with the Tarot cards shown in this book can be applied to the Tarot of Marseilles and the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot, as well as to most Tarot decks whose card layouts follow the Tarot of Marseilles pattern.

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