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Unusual Animal Messages Oracle Deck

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Embark on a journey of personal transformation through the lessons of 52 uncommon and fascinating animals in this oracle deck filled with striking illustrations and powerful messages from the natural world.

We have a lot to learn even from the most unusual of creatures! Step into the remarkable world of nature, spirit, and curiosity with the guidance of the
Unusual Animal Messages oracle deck. Composed of 52 illustrated cards, each with captivating artwork and a daily reading for self-empowerment, along with a 64-page illustrated book, discover the wisdom of nature’s most uncommon and intriguing animals. Including the blue-ringed octopus, mudskipper, and axolotl, the animals each have a lesson for us, drawn from their characteristics and traits that emphasize how we’re not so different from our animal counterparts after all, and the lessons can be connected to our own life experiences. The cards encourage mindfulness and being observant about past behavior, recurring themes, unresolved upsets, or difficult situations and to address them honestly and openly. We are also reminded to live happily, take time for ourselves, and wholeheartedly enjoy the little things in life.

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