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Zodiac | Kristallisetti lasipurkissa - Vesimies

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Jokaiselle horoskooppi merkille tarkasti kuratoitu kristallisetti. Jokainen setti sisältää kyseiselle merkille sopivat kristallit, purkin kannessa lukee mihin niitä käytetään. Ihana lahja ystävälle tai läheiselle. 


Lolliitti: Virittäytyminen

Lapis Lazuli: Kommunikaatio

Ametisti: Intuitio

Hematiitti: Voima

Ruusukvartsi: Rakkaus

Unlock the cosmic power of your zodiac sign with our specially curated crystal kits! Each kit is tailored to align with the unique traits and characteristics of your astrological sign, providing a powerful tool for self-discovery and spiritual growth. With crystals chosen for their specific properties and energies, you’ll be able to harness the strengths of your sign and overcome any obstacles. Whether you’re a curious beginner or an experienced practitioner, our kits make it easy to start your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth today.

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