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Crystal Grids: Master the secrets of manifestation - Nicola McIntosh

  • Nicola McIntosh

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Discover how to use crystal grids and sacred rituals to invoke powerful change in your life.

Perfect for everyone from the novice to the highly experienced, in Crystal Grids, energy worker and crystal healer Nicola McIntosh shares her blend of nature wisdom and the power of co-creating with crystal grids to manifest change within your life. Discover: Advanced keys to manifesting by understanding crystals, chakras and energy more fully. Why geometry is important when setting your intention. How to re-awaken your connection to source and understand why the connection is never lost. Ways to become a vibrational match to what you wish to manifest. Exercises to increase your intuitive and psychic abilities. Master the techniques needed to manifest true change with the help of crystal grids and energy work. Learn to co-create for self-care, earth healing, soul purpose and much more. Complete with photographs and illustrations, easy-to-use guidance and a unique vision, Crystal Grids takes a step beyond the normal and empowers you with a new direction towards the future of crystal healing.

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