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Crystals, Mother Earth and the Forces of Living Nature - Nigel Graddon

  • Nigel Graddon

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The theme of this new book from Nigel Graddon is Mother Earth and her magnificent powers, both visible and invisible. In extolling Mother Earth's virtues in the face of humanity’s increasing assaults upon nature, Graddon presents a three-part narrative through the medium of crystal, "solidified light," according to the ancients. Part 1, Physical Crystal, describes the origins of the Universe and our Earth, and the gradual evolution of the mineral kingdom in its diverse forms, which find their highest vibrational power in the mysterious world of crystal. Part 2, Amazing Crystal, examines mind-blowing uses of crystal in the past and present, and in its future potential. Among its highlights are in the past the Great Pyramids original crystal tip, the amazing legend of the Rose Queen Goddess of Languedoc, Dr. Dee’s scrying mirror and amethyst pendant, and the Black Stone and the Goddess; present day applications in science, technology and health; and exotic future applications such as Time Crystals and Quasicrystals. An extensive Part 3, Living Crystal, observes that Goddess worship as a symbol of humanity’s love for Mother Nature prevailed until relatively recently in our very long history upon Earth. Graddon examines this phenomenon in the context of the forces of living nature that maintain and nourish the physical experience. Special focus is put on the history of Goddess worship and its mysterious initiation rites. This is followed by an analysis of Mother Earth’s living forces, including the legendary Crystal Skulls of Mesoamerica; the true nature and origins of crop circles and UFOs; the work of the Elementals (the caretakers and pulse of Nature) in planet maintenance; Man, Nature and the Ancient Wisdoms; the role of the classical Four Elements in determining mans metaphysical make-up; the challenges involved in going beyond the Subconscious Mind towards a more unified and balanced experience in living life on this beautiful planet in partnership with Mother Earth and not as adversaries; an investigation of the invisible crystal structure of the Earth and its connectivity with human crystalline DNA; the power of crystals in health and healing, including color, especially as it relates to the human aura. The book concludes with an account of a San Franciscan residents amazing journey back in time to the heart of a mysterious crystal skull community in Chile’s Andean mountains. The book is populated throughout by scores of illustrations and images.

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