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Essential Oils: The Guide to Get Started With Essential Oils (The Young Living Book Guide of Natural Remedies for Beginners for Pets) - Karmen Price

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This book you will discover the amazing properties of essential oils that help preserve beauty and health, improve your well-being and normalize your mental state. They also can ease pain, remove toxins from the body, and make your home and garden more comfortable. You will learn how to use methods and tools to get the best result and much more.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn...

- What is essential oils ?

- Why essential oils?

- Usage of essential oils

- Extraction of essential oils

- Essential oil recipes

- Much, much more!

In this book we will show you the correct, safe way to make your own products from scratch, whether for your own use or because you are trying to start your own business. In the wrong hands, soaps making can be very dangerous. We cover all of the basics that you will require to make sure that you approach your projects safely and effectively. We cover the techniques, basics and background that you will require to use essential oils in a range of different applications.

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