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Forest Magic Oracle: A Deck and Guidebook for Green Witches - Nikki Van De Car, Elin Manon

  • Nikki Van De Car
  • Elin Manon

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Bring the natural world into your mystical practice with this deck and illustrated guidebook set, with 40 oracle cards featuring trees, plants, and green magic, from the bestselling author of Practical Magic, Nikki Van De Car.

Befriend the mysterious and wise guardians of our woodlands using the green witchcraft of the Forest Magic Deck. Whether you live deep in the woods or in the center of a city, this whimsical set of oracle cards—each featuring a magical plant, from trees to flowers—will guide you to a more grounded state of connection with the Earth. An accompanying illustrated guidebook frames the Earth's magical cycle in two parts—The Oak King, for the first half of the year, and The Holly King, for the second half—and provides deeper context for exploring the magical plants and occasions.
* Deluxe set: This set features 40 illustrated oracle cards (3 X 5 inches); an 88-page paperback guidebook (3 X 5 inches); and a magnetic closure case for easy transportation and storage.
* 40-card deck with whimsical illustrations: Each oracle card features a stunning full-color illustration and highlights a plant to inspire green magic.
* Illustrated companion guidebook for further magic: Gain deeper insights into each oracle card—including healing properties, sample spreads, and more—in this beautifully illustrated guidebook. 
* A perfect gift for green witches: Begin or continue a green witchcraft practice using the nature-based insights, spells, and rituals of Forest Magic Deck.

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