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Suitsukepihka, erilaisia

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This sort of frankincense has a sweet, spicy-fresh, ethereal character
It is easy to inhale and burns very slowly
For incensing on a coal or a sieve

60 ml

  • Olibanum Somalia (Boswellia sacra)
    Purification - Spiritual Power
    Boswellia Sacra is very well suited for the purification of the atmosphere and for the purification of confused floods of thoughts. It has a calming and soothing effect on our soul and our spirit. It has the power to raise our consciousness to higher spheres. It exudes a fine, resinous, balsamic scent.

  • Olibanum Eritrea (Boswellia carteri)
    Cleaning - Centering
    The classic incense. In ancient times it was used for sacred purposes to immerse oneself in the sphere of the divine. It has a centering and relaxing effect on the mind.
    It is considered one of the strongest atmospheric cleaners. Its fragrance is beguilingly balsamic with a citrus note.

  • Hojari Brown Oman (Boswellia Sacra)
    Relaxation - Strengthening of the soul
    One of the best incense varieties worldwide. There is something mystical about brown Hojari. It penetrates deep into us, calms and relaxes our soul life. Like a balm it covers our wounded emotional life and at the same time strengthens our roots here on earth.
    It clears the atmosphere of dark, manipulative energies and reconnects us with our innermost core.
    Its fragrance is spicy, balsamic with a hint of mystical orient.
  • Hojari Green Oman (Boswellia Sacra)
    Purification - Truthfulness
    The king incense among all incense varieties. It is considered the best incense on Gaia's earth.
    The green Hojari spreads a heavenly fragrance. It clears the atmosphere and draws our spirit into cosmic realms. All heaviness is released, all attachments loosened and one begins to feel oneself again and one's own irrepressible power and energy. It leads us to our true path and gives us the strength to walk it with truthfulness. Whoever has smoked it once, does not want to miss it any more.
    With time, it can lose some of its green colour, but the effect and intensity remains for years. Its scent is lemony fresh, invigorating and clarifying.

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