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D. Gary Young The Lavender Connection -Jean Noel Landel

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D. Gary Young The Lavender Connection is a Young Living origin story as told by Gary’s first business partner Jean Noel Landel. You’ll learn: • how and why Young Living produces lavender unlike any other in the world. • how to explain the Seed to Seal® process with the people you share. • the roots of Young Living and what sets it apart from any other oil company.

When D. Gary Young’s first began building Young Living, Jean Noel Landel was his first business partner, introducing him into the closed circle of lavender producers in Provence, France. Landel’s reputation and Gary’s vision opened the door to farming methods and the secrets of cultivation and harvesting that would one day grow into Seed to Seal®. D. Gary Young The Lavender Connection takes you back in time before Gary brought the gift of oils to the world. It’s a wonderful journey into the past that helps inspire anyone who has a dream to hold tight and stay true and dedicated long enough to make it a reality.


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