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Dream Catchers - Charline Fabregues

Charline Fabregues

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With the delicacy of a spider's web, the traditional, Amerindian dream catcher traps bad dreams in its weave and lets good dreams slide along its feathers to the sleeper. Dream catchers have become an essential item in decoration, but they remain highly symbolic. With this book, you can create 16 dream catchers, mobiles, wall hangings, and jewelry, from materials such as lace, ribbons, beads, origami-made butterflies, leather feathers, pendants, and driftwood. Fascinated by the Bohemian chic universe and her desire for relaxation, the author made these dream catchers completely unique, each expressing her state of mind as she created each one. They are full of strong, symbolic values and have an almost mystical dimension.

Author: Fabregues, Charline.

Number of pages: 80.
Made in United States of America

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