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Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards - Esther & Jerry Hicks (Preloved/Käytetty)

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Many people have watched or read The Secret and believe that you can ask the Universe for any material thing you would like and the Law of Attraction will deliver it to you. But of course it's not as simple as that.
You have to change the way that you think if you want to change your world, and in this special deck, Esther & Jerry Hicks help you learn how to align yourself and focus your energy to manifest prosperity.

Learn how to create abundance by:
· Focusing on what you want in your life and not on what you don't have
· Seeing yourself as wealthy not poor
· Visualising yourself as enjoying the object or lifestyle that you dream of

Abraham's powerful techniques will teach you what prosperity truly is and enable you to use the Law of Attraction to bring this energy into your own life.


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