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Nature's Hidden Charms: 50 Signs, Symbols and Practices from the Natural World to Bring Inner Peace, Protection and Good Fortune - Liz Dean

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Featuring folklore, symbology and practical rituals alongside ancient crafts and modern techniques this beautifully illustrated book contains over 50 creative ways to use the gifts of the natural world to make charms, talismans, amulets, altars and much more. These natural offerings provide us with protection, good fortune and healing.

Being in nature helps us to relax and connect with our innate knowing. When we're connected, we naturally want to collect: a pink shell, sycamore key, a pinecone, or a pure white pebble that calls to us. Nature's Hidden Charms is an invitation to reach into the natural world, understand folklore and to explore and discover the hidden symbols and gifts that even the tiniest twig or stone can bring.

Inside this treasure trove you will learn how to:

• Prepare to open the senses to intentionally connect with nature
• Create and make amulets, charms, alters, talismans and natural mandalas
• Work with plants, trees and herbs throughout the seasons
• Understand the folklore, history and symbology surrounding the plants and practices featured
• Recognise and explore symbols that speak to you in the natural world

From making a healing lavender pouch to evoking the sacred power of the circle or arranging your charms as a mandala for meditation, this book is for anyone wanting to slow down, connect with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of the natural world.


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