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Reiki Illustrated - Hae Lee

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A fully illustrated reference guide for Reiki practitioners of all levels of experience.

Reiki Illustrated by Hae Lee, Reiki healers now have a practical resource that presents Reiki symbols, hand placements, and treatment sequences in an accessible, visual way. From the newly attuned Reiki student to the experienced Reiki Master that certifies and trains others, Reiki practitioners will find a wealth of information in this book to strengthen their connection to this beautiful healing modality. 

  • Clear illustrations of 40 hand positions for treating the self and others, featuring diverse bodies
  • Concise overview of Reiki symbols including usage and stroke-by-stroke drawing instructions
  • Step-by-step treatment sequences for 80 health issues or concerns ranging from pain and fatigue to grief or low self-esteem 
  • Annotated figures for each sequence including numbered markings indicating where hands should be moved


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