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Sacred Bird Oracle Cards : 44 Oracle Cards with Guidebook - Katha Sager

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It's considered a great honour to have the Bird Spirits working with you on your journey. Birds often appear to us in the form of Guides, Angels and Messengers from the Spiritual Realms, symbolising peace, transformation, freedom and power. The SACRED BIRD ORACLE CARDS represent Bird Spirits as they fly high in the sky, soaring through the air touching our souls, inspiring and motivating us to maintain altitude and to rise above life's struggles to gain spiritual awareness,allowing us to keep our heads above the clouds. Whatever guidance you seek in any area of your everyday life, whether it be from Guides, Angels or loved ones, this beautiful 44-card deck will guide you and help you use your abilities to remain in control of your emotions and find a pathway through the hardships in your life. 44 full colour cards & 64pp guidebook


Postituspäivämme ovat maanantai, keskiviikko ja perjantai. Pakkaamme kyllä muinakin päivinä ja saatat iloisesti yllättyä ylinopeasta toimituksesta. Pyrimme ilmoittamaan jos tilauksesi kanssa on jotain ongelmaa.

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