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Tarot: Ethics and Practice - Emma Palmer

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Learning to read the Tarot can be a rewarding pastime, a wonderful hobby and even a means to deliver a life-changing service to others. It is a skill which anyone can learn, with study and practice, and it is a skill which will serve you well in many areas of your life and work.

Tarot is not just fortune telling, it amounts almost to counselling, and in this book you will discover not only the techniques of Tarot, but also the empathy and responsibility in reading for people who will often tell you their deepest secrets.

As a Tarot counsellor, you have a great responsibility to the people you read for, and your ethics are just as important as your ability to interpret the cards. In this book, you will learn both, helping you to develop yourself as a tactful, sensitive and insightful reader.

In Tarot: Ethics and Practice, Emma shares her 30 years experience of Tarot to teach you:

• Understanding Your Tarot Deck
• The Structure of Tarot
• The Major and Minor Arcana
• Astrology and Symbolism in Tarot
• Spreads and Reversals
• Preparing Yourself for a Reading
• The Ethics of Reading for Others

Everything that you need to start reading Tarot can be found here, including a full table of Card Meanings, example Spreads, Exercises to develop your skills and memorise the meanings of the cards, and a handy Card Reference Guide to dip into when you need it.



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