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Tarot Experience Book

Lo Scarabeo

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Your guide to a better Tarot Experience is enshrined within this book!

Tarot are an immersive experience, that can transform your life. After setting the Fundamentals with the first volume of Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot Encyclopedia, this second volume, Tarot Experience, expands the guide to Tarot usage, meaning symbolism, art and history to embrace the full expeirence of reading, meditating and exploring the world with and through Tarot.

  • The Personal Practice
  • Nuts and Bolts of a Reading
  • Past Issues and Future Considerations
  • Fresh Techniques
  • The Art of the Spreads
  • Reading for Others
  • Big Questions
  • Advanced Thematic Meanings

Tarot Experience is the second of a three volume Encyclopedia that will contain everything you ever wanted to know about Tarot. Tarot Experience focus on your personal experience with Tarot, making it a perfect reading for both beginners, and advanced Tarot users.

Information: 640 pages (Hardback)

Size: Approximately 235 x 195mmLo Scarabeo

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