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Tarot Fundamentals Book

Lo Scarabeo

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The Fundamental Guide to the Tarot World is here!

Tarot, once a mysterious deck of symbols and images understood by a chosen few, is now a worldwide phenomena and the most popular form of Western Divination. Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot fundamentals is an essential, guide to Tarot usage, meaning, symbolism, art and history. An indispensable item for a beginning or seasoned Reader.

  • Keys to unlock the Arcana
  • Cultivate a personal Tarot practice
  • Exquisite Tarot art
  • Tapestries of Tarot history
  • Finding the right deck
  • Ignite the images and archetype
  • Tarot and ritual elements
  • Decode Tarot symbols
  • Tarot techniques
  • Courting the Court Cards
  • Tarot for the facets of life

Tarot fundamentals is the first of three volumes that will contain everything you ever wanted to know about Tarot from beginner to advanced level. Tarot Fundamentals will focus on the foundation of Tarot love. The other two volumes will be Tarot Experience and Tarot Compendium.

Information: 640 pages (Hardback)

Size: Approximately 235 x 195mm

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