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An A-Z of Animal Symbolism: Your complete guide to over 150 animal symbols - Aurore Pramil

  • Aurore Pramil

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Information: 368 pages, paperback

A bird knocks insistently on your window, your cat brings you a lizard, you find yourself face to face with a spider or you dream of an elephant ... what if each animal had a message for you?

Animals have always been a source of fascination for humans–we love to watch them, learn about them and keep them as pets. But what if animals could actually communicate with us? In this complete guide, you'll find everything you need to know about the symbolism and signs of more than 150 animals, whether they appear to you in a dream or 'happen' to cross your path.

You'll learn their individual characteristics as well as the elements and seasons they're associated with. You'll also discover what these encounters mean for different aspects of your life including love, career, family and health.

Messages from the animal world are always filled with compassion but animals aren't there to flatter your ego. Rather, they aim to help you advance in consciousness in your life's journey. Sometimes you'll receive an encouraging sign that confirms you're on the right path or guidance to help you move forward. Other times, an animal will deliver a deeper lesson for you to explore, because that's how we learn. More than anything, their messages can open avenues of questioning and help to make your way forward clearer.

The animals wish you well; they want you to hear their messages. Let them become your guides!



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