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The Raindrop Resource Guide for Oily Families : Confidently Adapt Raindrop to Fit Your Receiver's Current Needs - Christina G Hagan

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"This is a tremendously valuable resource for families who practice Raindrop Technique! Christina has not only answered the FAQs of Raindrop, but has also presented valuable tips for adapting this technique for special and unique situations that will undoubtedly arise as your perform Raindrop for family and friends. Every oily family should have this book in their library."
Anthony Stewart, CEO CARE International

You've learned Raindrop, but now you have some questions, Whether you learned Raindrop at a three-day training, from a friend, from a book, or by watching a video, this book is for you!
This Raindrop Resource Guide answers all the common questions that many new and seasoned 'Oily Families' ask themselves about Raindrop.
The concepts taught in this book will allow you to confidently tailor or adapt the Raindrop experience to fit the current needs of your friends and family members.
You'll also learn practical tips that make Raindrop an easy and flexible tool, which allows you to use this technique to support your family's total wellness anytime.
As support to Part 2, Comfort of the Receiver, you'll find a link to videos that complement each of the adaptions discussed in the book. Use the Notes Pages to jot down your thoughts as you watch each short video.


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