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The Subtle Body Oracle Deck - Cyndi Dale

  • Letao Wang

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An intuitive oracle deck with 40 cards and a 256-page guidebook that combines the ancient wisdom of the mortal heroes and heroines of Greek and Roman mythology with modern astrology and archetypes to guide you through your spiritual practice.

In a modern set of 40 illustrated oracle cards, 36 mortal heroes and heroines and 4 sacred creatures derived from Greek and Roman mythology come alive to share their wisdom. Instead of the more familiar gods and goddesses like Athena, Zeus, and Poseidon, you’ll find stories about humans like the beautiful Helen of Troy, the inventor Daedelus, and the musician Orpheus. Each hero connects to a zodiac sign, imbuing the myth with further archetypal and astrological meanings. Following each myth in the guidebook are real-life examples from the author’s spiritual counselling sessions and an exploration of the card’s teaching, helping you to interpret and apply the heroes’ historical lessons to your own life. Supplemental information such as the astrological planet, decan, and crystal are also included to give you more insight into each hero’s divine message.

The beauty of this deck is how it moves beyond the worship of deities and offers a more humanistic approach to interpreting the guidance of the ancient realm. Take this as an invitation to expand your divination practice with Oracle of the Mythic Heroes and strengthen your connection to your inner hero or heroine.


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