The Voice of tarot VOX Arcana cards

Lo Scarabeo

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Lo ScarabeoAn innovative collective deck that embodies the traditional voice of Tarot. 82 Arcana created by 82 artists, each challenging his or her own understanding of art and turning a Tarot card into a masterpiece. 82 artworks blending together like a unison choir, with the whole being much greater and powerful than the sum of its parts. 

  • Included: 80 cards.
  • Includes instruction booklet in multi language (English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese).
  • Cards size: 7 x 12 cm (2.75'' x 4.72''). Weight of the deck (approx): 426 g. (0.939 lb).
  • Plastic coated paper playing cards.
  • New, sealed. Made in Italy.
  • 100% authentic, original Lo Scarabeo product.

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