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Visconti Sforza kirja - Il Meneghello Edizione

Il Meneghello

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Visconti Sforza tarottien historiaan pureutuva kirja.

I Tarocchi Visconti Sforza
Milano dai Visconti agli Sforza

By Cristina Dorsini

Milan 1450, at the turn of the transition from the Visconti to the Sforza family, the city experienced moments of turbulence and conflict. It was the figure of a skilled strategist, Francesco Sforza, who brought Milan back into vogue and made it live a sort of golden age. And to celebrate his ascent to the throne as the new Duke of Milan, a bunch of tarots made by the court artists, who had already been for the Visconti family: the Zavattari brothers, was commissioned, as was customary for special occasions. The text is full of surprises, such as, for example, the use by the Zavattari brothers of the same compositional schemes used several times and on different occasions such as frescoes, tarot cards, paintings on wood; the use by the public of some fifteenth-century Sforza cards from a private collection, shown for the first time in the world to the public at large and made by the workshop of the Zavattari brothers, in which the compositional schemes of the Visconti Sforza deck return in a slavish manner. Finally, the author pays attention to the card of the Knight of Cups and the presence of two letters that could be the author's signature. A deck that leads the viewer to move between Milan and Ferrara, between art Christian medieval in eschatological perspective and Greek culture, mythology, astronomy. A deck to discover.

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