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The Little Book of Essential Oils : An Introduction to Choosing, Using and Blending Oils - Marta Tarallo

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The Little Book of Essential Oils is a modern guide to enhancing your life and wellbeing through the power of essential oils. Featuring a directory of 45 of the most popular and interesting oils that will help boost your mood, reduce stress and improve your wellbeing, this book will teach you about each oil, from its properties and scent to where it came from and how best to use it. Discover which oils you need most and how to apply them.

Whether you use Lavender to improve to feel calm, Lemon to boost energy levels or Rose to reduce anxiety, this practical guide offers an accessible approach to natural healing. Learn to indulge in a relaxing evening skincare routine with the 10 essential oil recipes, including bath salts and a soy candle, and simply switch off as this book shows you how to harness the power of these incredible oils.


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