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The Sacred Medicine Oracle : A 56-Card Deck and Guidebook - Asha Frost

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Connect with healing traditions, stories, ancestral wisdom and animal guidance with this powerful, vibrantly illustrated oracle. Every aspect of creation has a spirit. This spirit lives in all things and informs us on how to live The Good Life or Mino-bimaadiziwin.

Indigenous people know the power of earth and spirit medicine. Everything in our natural world is interconnected and sacred. The plants, animals, rocks, waters, stars, moon are our kin.

The Sacred Medicine Oracle invites you into a conscious and respectful relationship with medicine teachings, awakening a daily connection to your own inner divinity, power and wisdom. From the powerful remembering of 'Past Life Medicine' to the promise of miracles with 'Jingle Dress', each of the 56 cards depicts ceremonies, traditions, moon phases, animal guides and plant allies, alive with energy and blessed with healing intentions from the ancestors.


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