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A Practical Guide to the Lenorman Oracle Cards - Christiane Renner

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A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE LENORMAN ORACLE CARDS is a highly accessible and practical manual, in which relevant card combinations are clear from the very word go. Each of the 36 Lenormand cards is combined with the other 35 cards of the deck. That way, the individual significance of each card, when combined with the other cards, is immediately evident. Keywords and short quotes describe the significance of the relevant cards in all 36 combinations.

Christiane Renner walks you through the mysteries of the world famous Lenormand oracle. She makes learning easy with diagrams and keywords illustrating her teaching. Master the system and the card meanings and you will be doing practical, clear readings in no time.

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE LENORMAND ORACLE CARDS is not only an excellent beginner's book, it is, also, indispensable as a resource tool for the more advanced 'fortune teller.'

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