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Fossiilinen lautanen sydän 11cm

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Kaunis fossiilinen lautanen halkasijaltaan 11cm. 

Esim koruille tai kristalleille

Stunning dish featuring an Ammonite fossil shaped in the spiral pattern of the central Ammonite.

These are absolutely fabulous dishes - truly unique and incredibly eye-catching. Every dish is hand-carved out of black fossil marble patterned with a myriad of Orthoceras and Ammonite fossils, providing a fabulous motif.

These highly original spiral dishes are a fantastic addition to a table design, and are suitable for use as hors d'oeuvres dishes.

They are especially good for serving nibblesdue to their shape. And, they are guaranteed to be a show-stopper! One of these unusual dishes would make a stylish and original addition to your tableware cupboard, and are an especially fine complement to our range of Fossil Marble Tableware.

Because every dish is made individually, the sizes will vary slightly. The Ammonite fossil at the centre of the dish will also vary a little in size.

One of these dishes would also make a stunning display piece. If you are struggling to think of an unusual Wedding or Anniversary gift

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