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Power, Purpose, Practice: Finding Your True Self Through Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot - Kerry Ward

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Build a unique, multi-faceted personality profile based on your birth date to help fuel your personal growth through every stage of life.

Am I on the right path?
 That is the question internationally recognized tarot expert Kerry Ward faces daily from thousands of private clients and readers of her popular Cosmopolitan tarot column. In Power, Purpose, Practice, she shows you how to answer it for yourself using a simple system based on an insightful blend of astrology, numerology, and tarot and perfected by 25 years of tarot reading.
Your birth date holds the key to the system. From there, astrology guides you to 
your ruling planet and your ruling element, while tarot reveals your personality archetype. These three items—planet, element, archetype—represent your power.

discover your purpose, we turn to numerology, which provides a guided map for your life journey via your Life Path number.

Finally, Kerry provides a series of 
meditations and rituals for you to practice in your daily life, to help you amplify your power and direct it toward your purpose.

  • Are you ruled by the fiery ambition of Mars or the beautiful energy of Venus?
  • Are you an emotional, shape-shifting water sprite or a grounded, healing earth mama?
  • Is your tarot archetype the wise, solitary Hermit or the magical visionary of the Star? Or the gentle hero of Strength?
  • Is your purpose to build new worlds from the ground up, to create and communicate stories, or to seek deeper meaning in service to others?

Written in a casual, intimate voice and 
bursting with bold, inclusive artwork, this spiritual guide helps you understand each of these cosmic connections and more as you explore every facet of your personality and discover your true self.
Are you on the right path? 
Power, Purpose, Practice will help you find out, so you can find your way.

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