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Terra Volatile tarot 2nd. edition - Credo quia Absurdum (indie, import)

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 Terra Volatile

a tarot deck by Credo quia Absurdum

This unique set contains a few alternative cards and allows you to build your own personal deck. In addition, a new suit is included – the Vessels – the transfiguration of the classical element Aether, also called Quintessence.

This is a 92 cards tarot, but you are free to use just the original 78 cards by removing the suit Vessels.

This tarot also comes with 15 alternative cards, which allows you to build your own deck. Or use them all, to create a deeper reading.

Terra Volatile was created in 2020 by Credo quia Absurdum.
The first edition was produced and released in February 2021.


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