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The Practitioner's Raindrop Resource Guide: Confidently Tailor Raindrop to Serve a Wider Variety of Clients and Excel in This Technique! - Christina G Hagan

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As a Raindrop Technique Practitioner, you may receive questions about how you can safely offer this technique to more people.

Who can you ask? Where do you go for support?

In this Resource Guide, I share with you all my tips and lessons learned from over fifteen years of offering The Raindrop Technique in my wellness practice. You will also find helpful insights from other Raindroppers I’ve had the pleasure of learning from during my Raindrop journey.

With this guide, you will feel confident and equipped to offer the Raindrop Technique to more clients, allowing you to become a leader in this technique. Whether you are a Raindrop Practitioner, Massage Therapist or alternative wellness advocate, this book is for you!

Grab your highlighter and get ready to delve into a guide that will help you confidently:

  • Introduce Raindrop to your current clients.
  • Tailor each Raindrop for a unique experience for your Receivers.
  • Ask the right questions to determine the “toxic load” of your Receiver.
  • Give a Raindrop to Receivers who cannot lie on a massage table.
  • Care for your Receiver if they get a muscle cramp or are uncomfortable.
  • Adapt for special considerations.
  • And a lot more!

Christina G. Hagan, M.Ed, LMBT, FCCI has been teaching and offering the Raindrop Technique in her massage and wellness practice for over fifteen years. Her goal is to support fellow Raindroppers to feel comfortable and confident offering this versatile and effective technique to a wide variety of Receivers.


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