Creators: Danielle Noel (Writer and designer)

Number of cards: 79 (bonus card for Major Arcana)

Major Arcana: 23

Minor Arcana: 56

Cardstock: thick, matte with gold edges

Card Size: 3.5” x 5”

Guidebook: 173 pages, b&w

Box: clam-shell

Tarot Traditions and Systems: Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) with some Thoth influence

Major Arcana Names:

(0) The Starseed (as the The Fool card), (1) The Magician, (2) The High Priestess, (3) The Empress, (4) The Emperor, (5) The Hierophant, (6) The Lovers, (7) The Chariot, (8) Justice, (9) Serenity (as the Hermit card), (10) Wheel of Fortune, (11) Strength, (12) Perspective (as The Hanged Man), (13) Transformation (as Death), (14) Temperance, (15) Oppression (as The Devil), (16) The Tower, (17) The Star, (18) The Moon, (19) The Sun, (20) Awakening (as Judgment), (21) The Universe (as the World), and bonus (22) Akashic Records

Bonus cards: Akashic Records

Minor Arcana Type: illustrative, RWS style

Minor Arcana Suites:

Crystals (as Pentacles)




Court Cards:





Card Backs:

Few cards

Starchild Tarot Review The Moon

Starchild Tarot Review The High Priestess

Starchild Tarot Review The Chariot

Starchild Tarot Review Ace of Cups

Starchild Tarot Ace of Swords