Visconti Sforza käsintehty tarotpakka ja kirja - Il Meneghello Edizione - Tarotpuoti

Tarocchi Visconti Sforza tarotpakka ja kirja - Il Meneghello Edizione

Il Meneghello

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Visconti Sforza Tarots + book

Last and third Visconti deck created after 1450 in Milan for the Sforza court. Created by Zavattari workshop. The deck is accompanied by a book that explain the transition of power from the Visconti family to the Sforza family and card by card the mean of each symbol.
1.500 numbered exemplaries.

Tarotpuoti on ylpeä saadessaan olla yksinoikeudella Il Meneghello Edizionen ainoa jälleenmyyjä Suomessa.


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