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Aradia: A Modern Guide to Charles Godfrey Leland's Gospel of the Witches - Craig Spencer

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A Revelatory New Approach to the Influential Witchcraft Classic

First published in 1899, Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches is Charles Godfrey Leland's fascinating record of folk magic, said to have been revealed to him by hereditary witches of Italy's Romagna and Tuscany regions. Celebrating the goddess Diana and her daughter Aradia, this seminal work presents a rich and complete methodology of practice for those who are willing to engage its unique wisdom.

Aradia presents Leland's original English manuscript with new interpretations and translations, including forty lines never before rendered in English. Craig Spencer provides in-depth commentary that reveals the rich historical context of this profound work and provides revelatory analysis that makes the true heart of the original come alive. You will also discover hands-on instructions for a unique magical practice based on Leland's remarkable glimpse into nineteenth-century craft lore. This magical guide is designed to help you expand and enhance your own modern-day journey through the enchanted realms of witchcraft.

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