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Cowgirls and Aliens Oracle: Intuitive guidance to heal your soul - Ellie Grant

  • Ellie Grant

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Rootin' tootin' galactic wisdom to inspire your day!

Howdy, and welcome to the glittering alien desert where the moon whiskey is strong, the cowgirl boots sparkle and the ray guns are smokin'! In this world you can unapologetically be yourself and take control of your destiny.

This empowering oracle deck explores characters from classic western and sci-fi stories but provides a modern feminine twist. It features 36 magical badass babes full of rootin' tootin' galactic wisdom to empower and inspire you. From the gunslinger to the alien queen, you will get some down-to-earth advice from outta this world. Use these cards for daily inspiration, to gain insight into a problem or to inspire your next creative project.

So pull on your chaps, saddle up your alien horse and ride out into the binary star sunset!

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