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Daily Intentions Oracle: Wisdom From your Highest Self - Jackie Morgan UUTUUS 1/2024

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Connect with your highest self and bring ritual into your daily life.

This 36-card deck provides soulful guidance, daily practices and mindfulness tools to help you tap into your own inner wisdom. Receive the guidance you've been seeking to support you as you manifest your desires, practice self-compassion, and connect to your intuition. These cards have been created to align with two suits. Intention and Wisdom. Intention cards provide an intention and practice for the day. Your Intention cards include a message, mantra, and ritual for you to work with. Wisdom cards contain a guiding affirmation to align with your soul's inner wisdom. Use these cards daily for guidance and intention.

Every card is an invitation to come back to the present moment; to pause and receive the guidance you need to show up as your most authentic self. Use these messages to connect to your highest self every day. 

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