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Portents of the Degloved Hand for MÖRK BORG - Omen Sacrifice Deck Limited edition (Kickstarter)

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Sacrifice an OMEN. Release chaos. Tempt fate. Pray you don’t die (sooner).

Portents of the Degloved Hand is an Omen Sacrifice Deck, compatible with MÖRK BORG. This deck allows players to give up a character’s omen at the beginning of a playing session (or during a break) and exchange it for a “reading” that gives the character a portent. Exchanging an omen for a portent is a simple and quick two-step process that involves rolling a 4-sided die and drawing a random card from a deck determined by the die roll. 

When a card from the Portents of the Degloved Hand is activated by the player on a turn of their choosing, additional chaos, misfortune, and dark humor is brought into the game scenario. This deck offers a great opportunity for MÖRK BORG players to expand their character’s options and enhance the insanity that most sessions experience.

  • One 4”w x6 9/16”h x 1 ½”d custom coffin-shaped two-lidded outer box with black limited edition box cover art
  • One 3 3/8”w x 5 3/8”h x 1 1/4”d custom coffin-shaped deck sleeve
  • Four ribbon-tabbed 3 1/8”w x 5 1/8”h x 1/4”d custom coffin-shaped deck cartons color-coded and labeled for each suit with foil edging
  • Fifty-two 3” x 5” cards, full color, divided into four suits of thirteen cards – Disaster, Disease, Destruction, and Death
  • Two additional bonus 3"x5" cards
  • One 1 ⅝” x ½” custom four-sided glow-in-the-dark d4 game die
  • One 1 ⅝” x ½” custom four-sided glow-in-the-dark Orgy Omen d2 game die

How Portents of the Degloved Hand works:

1. At the beginning of play (or during a break)a player declares that they are sacrificing an Omen, rolling the 4-sided die to determine which fate the Degloved Hand has chosen.

2. A random card is drawn by the player from one of the four decks the die roll revealed:
1 = Disaster, 2 = Disease, 3 = Destruction, 4 = Death.

3. The player may fulfill their drawn Portent during their turn -- the effect of the Portent is immediate unless stated otherwise.

4. Once the event or circumstances depicted in the Portent have occurred, the card is returned to its respective deck.

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