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Earthly Delight Tarot 78+2 Extra Cards - Darksynevyr

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The Earthly Delights Tarot by Darksynevyr Publishing

Immerse yourself in the mystical and enchanting world of "The Earthly Delights Tarot," meticulously crafted by Darksynevyr Publishing. This tarot deck brings a unique blend of mystery and beauty, ideal for both novices and seasoned tarot readers alike. Each card measures 120 x 65 mm (4.75 x 2.55 inches) and features rounded corners for a comfortable handling experience.

Encased in a sleek tuck box, the deck includes both the Major and Minor Arcana, allowing for a comprehensive tarot reading experience. The vibrant, detailed imagery on each card draws inspiration from classical art, designed to inspire and provoke thought.

Included with the deck is a physical guidebook in English, providing clear and insightful interpretations of each card. This second edition, released in 2023, also features a fabric cut, adding a tactile and luxurious element to your tarot practice.

"The Earthly Delights Tarot" is not just a tool for divination but a work of art that invites you to explore deeper spiritual insights and personal introspection. Whether used for daily readings, special occasions, or meditative reflection, this tarot deck is an essential addition to any collection.

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