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Little rain, limited 1st edition - Ambi Sun (indie import)

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A Little Rain is a botanical Oracle featuring 50 unique floral illustrations.

In early 2022, I took a sabbatical from work as I was dealing with burnout and severe art block. During that time, I ended up drawing a bunch of flower illustrations for myself. I ended up getting into the language of flowers and thought to myself, “hey, this would be a great oracle deck.”

And this would be the birth of A Little Rain oracle.

For this deck, I illustrated 50 unique flora that was interesting to me. I wrote the book with the intention of giving guidance and advice to those going through a rough time right now, hence the name – ‘A Little Rain’, from the saying A little Rain will help the flowers grow…

As of now, all of the cards have been completed and I’m working on finalizing the book and the box design and revamping my shop/fulfilment to provide a better experience.


A Little Rain Oracle Limited First Edition, 2000 decks only, featuring 52 unique botanical illustrations.


  • The Cards are approximately 70mm x 120mm and all share identical backs.
  • The cards are printed on 330gsm FSC-certified German black core card stock for extra durability
  • Finished with a matte varnish and edged with holographic black edges.
  • This deck includes a holographic numbered certificate of authenticity.
  • The guidebook is also 137mm x 167mm and about 104 pages with a short introduction.
  • The drawer box features a die cut of a raindrop, it is printed with a matte finish and includes embossed UV spot varnish.


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