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Animals 101 Mini Booklet - 2nd Edition

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Share the “Animals 101” booklet with others interested in how essential oils can benefit their lives. If you have pet lovers in your client base, they will love this informative booklet that teaches how to properly use essential oils on pets to make pets’ lives healthier, happier, and more stress-free.

Just as essential oils can be powerful healing tools for humans, they can be beneficial for pets as well. However, because animals’ sense of smell is often much stronger than humans’, it’s important to introduce and use essential oils in the correct way when trying to treat pets. “Animals 101” teaches how to introduce essential oils to animals and how to use the proper dilution and oil amount depending on the animal in your care. It also teaches what individual essential oils can be used for on pets, and where to apply oils to get the best results with your pet. If you or someone in your client base has an animal they love, “Animals 101” is an essential oil guide that you won’t want to be without.

What’s Included: Mini Booklets sold individually

Pages: 15

Published: 2015


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