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Circle Of Fire: A Practical Guide To The Symbolism & Practices Of Modern Wiccan Ritual - David Rankine, Sorita D'Este

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Wicca is an initiatory magickal tradition incorporating both Pagan spiritual philosophies and witchcraft practices, with ceremonial magick. In doing so it combines magick, mysticism and spirituality into an experiential, practice-based tradition which works with the divine as both masculine and feminine, emphasising growth through balance and discipline. It provides a spiritual way of life, constantly growing and evolving, placing the responsibility for spiritual growth and fulfillment firmly back into the hands of the individual.

This book explores the core practices of the Wiccan Tradition, providing insights on the symbolism and the ceremonies, including: * The divine feminine & masculine, Goddess & God * Wiccan ritual structure * The ritual tools * Planning your ritual * Preparing your temple space * The magick circle * The Guardians of the Watchtowers * Ritual content (including spells, divination & invocation) * Cakes and wine * Ritual refinements (including the use of visualisation and voice) * Purifcation and psychic protection * Ritual timing (including lunar, planetary, solar and elemental) * Elemental and other magickal gestures * Elemental pentagrams and landscapes

Circle of Fire - A Practical Guide to the Symbolism and Practices of Modern Wiccan Ritual by Sorita d'Este and David Rankine was first published in 2005. This second edition has been revised and expanded by the authors for this new 2008 edition.


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