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Human Design for Coaches and Course Creators : The Strategy and Energy of HD in your Business - Carmen Farrell-Knapp

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If you’re a coach or course creator who struggles to attract clients and cash consistently, you’re in the right place. Who knew marketing yourself would be so hard? You’re amazing at what you do, have an awesome product, and can help people solve a problem. So, where are they?

If your content is falling on deaf ears, or you’re having trouble getting your audience to actually purchase something from you, chances are there is an energetic misalignment rather than something you’re doing “wrong.”

This book walks you through how to apply the fundamental tools of Human design to your business: Strategy and Authority. Then we talk about the dynamics of your energy type and some strategies for Goal Setting, Advertising, Business Models, and Money. It will give you insight into the decision-making superpower unique to you and help you use it to make tweaks in your business, messaging, and marketing so you can consistently attract, nurture and convert your dream clients.


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